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How To Target International traffic on any website in 2022?

Hello friends, My name is Vinay, welcome again to the new blog of Whitehat Blogs, friends, If you are blogging and you are in India, Then you will know very well how much Blogger benefits from international traffic.

If you look at the factor of earning, then people make good money from international traffic, if you also write a blog but still only local traffic comes to your blog.

So today I will tell you a setting by which you can tell Google in which country you want to show your blog or in how many countries.

so let’s start

Step 1. connect the website to the google search console

Make sure that your Website should be linked to Google Search Console, Without this, You will not be able to allow the Setting of Internation Traffic.

Step 2. is your domain property verified in the google search console?

First of all, make sure that your website should be a link

If your domain property is well-linked Then you should ensure that your Content or Website is in the language of the country where you want to show your blog.

If the content written on your website is in a different language, then Google will not recommend your website to other countries.

Step 3. Targeting country language

After making sure that the content of your website is correct for that country, you can proceed further, by login into your Google Search Console.

Step 4. Settings in Google search console for international targeting

Open the “Legacy tools and reports” section in Google Search Console and open the Internation targeting section inside it,

Step 5. hreflang tag installation

Make sure that what is the language of your website, for this use ” hreflang tag ” inside the head section of your website

Setup 6. Country selection

After installing the hreflang tag, change the tab above and go inside the country section and select the country in which you want to show your blog.

Step 7. Reaudit your website

Recrawl your website link in the google search console.

Within a few days, you will start getting international traffic

For today, see you again with the solution to none of the problems, if you also want to make your blogging website, then mail me at