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Learn how 5G is changing the world of communication

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5G Defined

5G is short for the 5th generation mobile network. The latest global wireless standard following 1G to 4G networks, 5G technology enhances communication through seamless virtual connections: people, machines, objects, and devices.

The Difference in Communication

Before 5G TechnologyWith 5GTechnology
The pre-5G internet experience was slower and limited to certain spectrum types. Previous mobile network generations did not entirely support new services that rely heavily on communications. There were significantly more issues and limitations to availability and reliability.5G technology’s design includes an impressive increase in network efficiency and traffic capacity. It is designed to support all spectrum types, bands, and deployment models.5G guarantees high speeds that will significantly impact every industry.

Mobile Networks and 5G Technology

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5G Technology Adoption in the World

As of January 2021

5G technology adoption continues to rise in more countries and cities.

Why 5G Is Better Than 4G?

The next generation of wireless technology will transform life significantly

5G technology guarantees a faster and smoother transmission of data, no matter how high the amount. Users can look forward to faster downloads and better support for more connected devices.

The Benefits of 5G Technology

Benefits for Businesses

5G technology can support operations to improve processes, produce better results, and remain at the top of their game.

No network issues:

It will bring a connection speed that’s significantly faster than 4G, meaning more data transfer in less time, promising results without delay.

Lower latency:

Lower latency will improve IoT devices’ safety and functionality, allowing real-time viewing and guaranteeing zero lags in operations.

Greater data capacity:

It can support more devices and allow simultaneous data transfer because of its larger spectrum band.

Benefits in Daily Life

It may take years before we experience the full potential of this generation, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy what it can already offer us.

Elevated streaming experience

Nothing says excellent entertainment, quite like uninterrupted streaming. Thanks to 5th generation technology we can enjoy unlimited data capacity, short lag times, and multisensory digital content.

Better coverage for smartphones

Road safety

Self-driving cars will soon become the new norm. But motorists can also enjoy better data processing between vehicles and networks – that means safety on the road and improved traffic management.

Does 5G technology really pose health risks?

Health risks from using 5G, debunked

As popular as it is becoming, many believe it is a source of cancer and COVID-19. Radiation associated with 5 generation technology is believed to cause cancer and weaken the immune system, making it susceptible to the spread of COVID-19. Experts believe both are highly unlikely to have no proven link between COVID-19 infections, cancer, and 5 G networks.

“As exciting and appealing as 5G technology is, there are a few cons to it: its impact on battery life, high costs for rollout, and imbalance in upload and download speeds.”
  • Artificial intelligence that keeps behind-the-scenes operations rolling faster will guarantee business optimization like never before.
  • Robotic Process Automation will significantly reduce error rates and boost customer service/operational efficiency.
  • Cloud technology will allow telecoms to operate with more efficiency as this guarantees scalability and cost-effectiveness, allowing them to adjust better to market demands.
  • The IoT or the Internet of Things is a technology that helps ensure minimal downtime for data centers and base stations. The telecom industry will continue to develop its services to improve IoT technology.
  • In-house software development is crucial in ramping up security and productivity. New software (with new tools and services that shift security efforts) will prevent any technological breach leading to systemwide failures.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.”

Sir Arthur C. Clarke