Instagram is finally working on protecting users from cyber flashing

Instagram is finally developing a tool to protect users from instances of cyber-flashing following multiple such incidences.

An app researcher posted an early screenshot of the gadget on Twitter. He said, “Sharing the image, “Instagram is developing a chat nudity filter. Your device’s technology protects you from potentially pornographic conversation images. Instagram is unable to access images.”

cyber flashing

Cyber Flashing

Controls Like ‘Hidden Words Feature’

By comparing the new feature to Hidden Words, Meta draws an analogy. Users can utilise the Hidden Words functionality to automatically screen message requests that include offensive information.

According to Meta agent Liz Fernandez, the firm is carefully banding with experts to ensure that the new feature preserves people’s privacy while also giving them choice over the messages they receive, as reported by The Verge.

The following few weeks will see the publication of further information regarding the new function.

What is Cyber Flashing

While in-person flashing is exposing one’s genitalia or other intimate parts to an unaware stranger, cyber flashing entails transmitting offensive (pictures or video recordings of genitalia) content to strangers online.

According to a 2017 YouGov study, 78% of American women had received unwelcome messages containing explicit images of men’s genital regions, compared to more than 40% of Millennial women who said they had received such messages.

According to Debarati Halder, an attorney and the founder of the Centre for Cyber Victim Counseling, the number of instances has increased over time.

The Verge Tweet on this feature

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