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how to write a blog post for a blog website?

To write a blog post for a blog website is the most common type of content published on blogs and websites. It can be written in any style and format but should have one main point supported by evidence or anecdotes.

Blog posts are a great way to share your thoughts, experiences and knowledge with your readers. It’s a way to grow an audience, establish yourself as an expert in your field and make money from affiliate links or advertising.

In this article, we’ll cover how to write a blog post for a blog website.

How to choose Better Keywords and Topics for a blog post

The first step to writing a blog post is deciding what you want to write about. Once you have that figured out, the next step is figuring out what the main point of the article will be. The main point should be supported by evidence or anecdotes,

For better keyword research, you can use google keyword planner. This tool is completely free for all.

Heading Distribution

Firstly, you are limited to using one H1 heading on each page. The H1 heading should be the name/title of the page or post. On this page, that’s How to use headings on your site?”. You can think of your H1 like you would think of the name of a book. For example, on a category page, your H1 would be the name of that category. Or, on a product page, it should be the product name.

Then, as you write your content, you can use H2 and H3 subheadings to introduce different sections – like the “How to improve the distribution of your headings“ section, which you’re currently reading, which sits within the “Structuring your headings” section. Think of H2 subheadings like the chapters of a book. Those individual sections might also use more specific headers (H3 tags, then H4 tags, etc.) to introduce sub-sections. It’s rare for most content to get ‘deep’ enough to need to use H4 tags and beyond unless you’re writing really long, or really technical content.

Short and Sweet paragraphs

Too many long sentences make your text difficult to read while short sentences keep the subject clear. When the sentences in your text are short, you allow your readers to absorb the information in your text. As a result, they don’t need to use all their attention trying to decipher what you want to say. That is why we advise you to break down long sentences, and your text will be much easier to read. 

Limit your use of difficult words

When possible, try to avoid words with four or more syllables because they are regarded as challenging to read. Alternately, attempt to limit your usage of them. Try using terms like little instead of microscopic, around rather than roughly, and use rather than utilize, for instance.

Additionally, you should aim to steer clear of jargon if you want to connect with a large audience. Medical professionals are likely already familiar with words like analgesic, intravenous, and hysterectomy. But remember that most people aren’t. When there isn’t a better option, be careful to define it for people who might not be familiar with the term.

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