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Artificial Intelligence: Definition, Goals And Its Behavior in 2022

Artificial Intelligence is a way of making a computer, a computer-controlled robot, or a software think intelligently, in a similar manner that artificial intelligent humans think.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

According to the father of AI

“The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”.

John McCarthy

Artificial Intelligence is accomplished by studying how the human brain thinks, and how humans learn, decide, and work
while trying to solve a problem, and then using the outcomes of this study as a basis for developing
intelligent software and systems.

What is the behavior of AI?

While exploiting the power of the computer systems, the curiosity of human, lead him to
wonder, “Can a machine think and behave like humans do?”
Thus, the development of AI started with the intention of creating similar intelligence in machines
that we find and regard high in humans.

So, we can define AI as:
Artificial Intelligence exists when a machine can have human-based skills such as learning, reasoning,
and solving problems.
In this rising industry of computer and IT with Artificial Intelligence, you do not need to preprogram a machine to do some work, despite that
you can create a machine with programming and programmed algorithms which can work with your own intelligence, and
that is the awesomeness of AI.
It is believed that AI is not a new technology, and some people say that as per Greek myth, there were
Mechanical men in the early days can work and behave like humans.

artificial Intelligence

“It is a branch of computer science by which we can create intelligent machines which can behave like a human, think like humans, and able to make decisions.”

What are the Goals of AI?

  • To Create Expert Systems − The systems which exhibit intelligent behavior, learn, demonstrate, explain, and advise its users.
  • To Implement Human Intelligence in Machines − Creating systems that understand, think, learn, and behave like humans.
  • Replicate human intelligence
  • Solve Knowledge-intensive tasks
  • An intelligent connection between perception and action
  • Building a machine which can perform tasks that requires human intelligence such as:
  • Creating some system which can exhibit intelligent behavior, learn new things by itself, demonstrate, explain, and can advise its user.

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